Record Cold Air Rushes in for Wednesday, Icy Spots Develop

We will see the snow taper off this evening as cold air rushes in. Icy spots develop on the roads and sidewalks tonight with temperatures falling to the 20s before midnight.

The wind will gust up to 35 mph from the northwest and that adds to the chill in the air. We are still tracking record cold lows and record cold highs for Wednesday. Overnight lows dip in to the teens and 20s, while highs for Wednesday only reach the 20s to around 30.

People across New England are trying to keep warm amid an arctic blast.

This cold blast doesn’t last too long, thankfully. Temperatures will modify on Thursday to around 40 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. Even warmer temperatures are in for Friday with highs in the low 50s.

New England is dealing with wintry weather.

A weak front will dip south through New England Friday night bringing some snow across the mountains, but no precipitation south. This front will be responsible for lowering highs to the mid 30s for Saturday.

Sunday we go back up to highs in the low 40s. For now, the long term forecast will stay below normal, but milder with highs around 50 through the 10-day. We are watching for a strong high pressure system to develop over the northeast early next week, with a coastal storm possibly just missing us here.

A few forecast models have that storm brushing by us to the south and that’s why we have some rain chances in next week for southern New England. The pattern overall across the southern U.S. also sets up for a train of coastal lows... at this time they should stay south.

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