Red Sox Celebrate Win by Blasting ‘New York, New York’ in Locker Room

The Red Sox savored their series-clinching victory over the New York Yankees on Tuesday night by blasting a classic Frank Sinatra tune in a clear dig aimed at their arch rivals.  

As the champagne flowed, Red Sox players were seen and heard singing along to “New York, New York” following the thrilling 4-3 win, which earned the team a spot in the American League Championship Series.

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge blared the same song at Fenway Park following New York’s victory in Game 2.  

Red Sox manager Alex Cora said Judge’s musical choice didn’t affect him, but it might have provided bulletin-board material for his players.  

“Not with me, but I know they talk about it,” Cora said, according to the Boston Globe. “When Dustin (Pedroia) brought it up, I said, ‘Well, they know it happened.’

“I don’t know if they took it personal, but it’s just, I don’t know, (if) we played ‘Dirty Water’ at Yankee Stadium, and they would have clinched in Fenway, they would have played ‘Dirty Water’ in their clubhouse.”

The Red Sox will face off against the Houston Astros in Game 1 of the ALCS Saturday.

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