Refugee From Somalia Running for Boston City Council

A refugee from Somalia, one of the countries impacted by Donald Trump's travel ban, is running for city council in Boston.

"Boston has never had a candidate like myself," said candidate Deeqo Jibril, who recognizes she could be facing an uphill battle.

As a refugee from Somalia, it's a battle she says is more important now than ever.

"I unfortunately lost family to the civil war," she said. "We were the lucky ones to be here, and it's very disheartening that the chance I got, others are not getting now."

Jibril was 12 when she and her mother arrived in Roxbury - she hasn't left since, and is now an American citizen. She's become an advocate for the refugee community, successfully encouraging families to start businesses.

"Somali businesses are one of the fastest growing in Boston," Jibril said. "There are 17 in Dudley Square."

In Roxbury, the district she would represent, the decision for a Muslim refugee to run is encouraging. But other voters say they're more concerned about what she will do for the community than her religion or background.

Jibril will likely face tough competition. Candidates can't officially throw their hats into the ring until mid-April.

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