Boston Restaurants Close for ‘Day Without Immigrants' Strike

Numerous restaurants closed in solidarity with immigrants

Numerous Boston-area restaurants are closed on Thursday as part of the national "A Day Without Immigrants" protest.

Protests are being held in Boston to show opposition to President Donald Trump's immigration policies and demonstrate the importance of immigrants in our daily lives.

The popular Mexican restaurant chain Anna's Taqueria tweeted on Thursday morning "Anna's Taqueria is closed today in recognition of the 'Day Without Immigrants.' Anna's success has been built around our loyal staff, many of whom are immigrants or come from immigrant families. We support our employees and value what they have brought to our Anna's community for over 20 years." Anna's Taqueria has seven locations in the Boston area.

Shojo Boston, an Asian restaurant, posted on Instagram that it will be closed because "we are choosing to participate in solidarity with all immigrants as a reflection of our resolute belief in diversity."

The Chubby Chickpea, a Boston food truck company, is also closed and tweeted "The Chickpea is only here because of a dreamer who immigrated to the US more than 40 years ago. We stand with immigrants everywhere tomorrow."

Italian restaurant Erbaluce Boston said it is closed "to allow our staff to attend the national protest of foreign born and immigrant workers."

Muqueca Restaurant in Cambridge and La Posada Restaurant in Somervile are closed as well.

Eataly Boston tweeted that although it is not closing on Thursday, it is supporting "any employees participating in the strike" and apologizes for any delay customers might experience. Its message is #WeWereAllImported.

Latitude 43 Restaurant and Sushi Bar is not closed but is giving employees a full day's pay if they chose not to come into work. 

Restaurants owned by the Wilcox Hospitality Group including Bukowski Tavern, The Lower Depths Tap Room, and the Tip Tap Room are offering specialty Latin-themed menus Thursday night and donating 20% of the sales to whichever charity or community cause their immigrant team chooses. Immigrant employees also have the option not to work tonight to attend the protest. 

The Purple Cactus restaurant in Jamaica Plain is staying open but donating 100% of Thursday's sales to the ACLU Massachusetts and LULAC Boston. 

Here are other businesses that are closed as well:

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