Scorching First Day of Fall With Temps Near 90

After soaring through the 80s this weekend, we’re in for another September scorcher as highs reach near 90 in some spots Monday.

Steady southwest winds and a low-angle sun should take some of the edge off the heat, but humidity levels will be on the rise with an approaching cool front in the afternoon and evening.

While there isn’t a lot of rain with that front, we can expect it to arrive late in the day and overnight on Monday with a few respectable downpours. The cool air behind the front isn’t all that fall-like, but will at least act to get us closer to normal by midweek.

Low temperatures will dip back to more comfortable levels, as well.

As a cold storm digs its heels into the Left Coast, the warm air will make a cameo later in the week. We’ll again be knocking on the door of 80 degrees in some spots by Thursday. Just the same, there will be another front that sends temps back down by Friday – albeit marginally.

Even with these brief forays into the cooler air, we’ll still average above normal through the week and into the weekend. After the seven-day period, the pattern does show signs of a switch up, so it’s quite possible that the long-range forecast may start to resemble the (new) season.

Have a great week!

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