Gunman Opens Fire into Lynn, Mass. Barbershop, Injuring 2

"Black hoodie, gray sweatpants and a black thing over his face running down Breed Street right here," one witness recalled

At least two people were injured Thursday when a gunman opened fire into a barbershop in Lynn, Massachusetts, police said.

A gunman walked to the front door of Rudy's Barbershop on Lewis Street and fired four shots inside, witnesses said. According to one, the gunman fled on foot with something over his face.

According to employees of the shop, the owner of the store and a worker were hurt. Police aren't yet sure if both were hit by a bullet or flying debris. Both are expected to be OK.

"I was sitting there playing keno and I watched the guy position himself in front of the building and it appeared to be that he shot four rounds," one witness said.

"One of the guys came up from the back and said two people had been hit and that one person had been wounded in the head," another witness said.

NBC10 Boston's SkyRanger showed police activity outside the shop just after 1 p.m.

While police haven't identified the victims, the family of show owner Rudy Bernabel told NBC10 Boston he was one of the two people hurt in the incident.

Witness James Clement said he saw the shooter as he was running away from the scene.

"It was nuts. We heard four gun shots and stopped in our tracks," Clement recalled. "Black hoodie, gray sweatpants and a black thing over his face running down Breed Street right here."

Amberis Contreras, who works at the barbershop, said she was behind the shooter when he unloaded the rounds.

"My reaction was run after him. He seen me that I was chasing him and he (expletive) took the next left and after that he was just ghost. I couldn't catch up to him," Contreras said.

The shooting remains under investigation while police continue to search for the suspect.

"At this point we are looking for one suspect. We have a very limited description. We're still looking for surveillance video from the area," Lynn Police Lt. Michael Kmiec said.

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