Singing Boston Police Officers Return for National Anthem Rendition

Boston Officers Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty sang the National Anthem in a video in front of Bunker Hill for July Fourth

A duo of golden-piped Boston Police officers is back at it again this week.

After a hit performance of “God Bless America” last summer, Boston Police Department Officers Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty took up the microphone this week to sing the National Anthem in celebration of the Fourth of July.

The pair showcased their musical talents yet again in a video in front of the Bunker Hill Monument. They appeared alongside stills of other Boston landmarks.

The video, which debuted on BPD’s Facebook page, was launched as part of a collaboration with iHeart Media.

The patrol car rendition of “God Bless America” that launched the officers to fame garnered them an invite to country music star Brad Paisely’s Massachusetts concert last fall.

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