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Snow Ahead as 2 Storms Move in

Colder today. That was expected. What wasn't expected was the shift in the Saturday storm track. We'll get to that in a second.

First up, a light snow event tomorrow. It's not a huge deal, but it is enough to get our attention...or prepare us for a bigger storm Saturday. (Sorry..more foreshadowing.) First flakes will fly in the wee hours, with steady snow breaking out on the Cape around 6-7am. Elsewhere, the snow never really gets a foothold, so amounts will be lower and spotty. I don't envision an issue for the morning commute in Greater Boston, but the South Shore could be a bit tricky south of Brockton and Marshfield.

Last bits of snow will wrap up by noon, then we'll look forward to a few breaks of sun.

Colder air comes in Friday night as we await the Saturday storm. The key to the forecast actually revolves around the first 5 words of the last sentence.  With colder air around, we could get ocean effect snow...which means higher fluff factor and higher amounts. Also, the storm has been backing closer to New England in the last 12 hours. This certainly could be one to watch, but not one to clean out the bread aisles. Coming on a Saturday, it's pretty low profile.

While amounts could easily top 6", I'm playing it conservative for now and leaving amounts in the 2-4" range in Greater Boston and 4-7" South Shore/Cape/Islands. The storm will wrap by midnight Saturday and funnel in even colder air for Sunday.

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