Massachusetts Residents Grabbing Snow Shovels, Salt to Prepare for Winter Storm

Sunday's storm is expected to mark the first "plowable event" of the season for several parts of Massachusetts, including Worcester

A winter storm is heading toward New England, and it could be the first big snow storm of the season.

Boston Logan Airport was quiet Friday night but airlines say things will be a lot different come Saturday, which is why some of them are waiving fees for flight changes and cancellations.

If you're traveling this weekend, be sure to check with your airline to see what options you have if you need to adjust your plans. American and Delta airlines are among those waiving flight change fees.

About 50 miles west of Boston, with the possibility of heavy snow in Worcester, people are busy marking necessary preparations.

In Worcester, where up to six inches of snow is possible, residents say they are ready for whatever comes. 

Sharon Barry says she's in the market for a new snow shovel, given this weekend's messy forecast.

"We're getting snow Sunday night into Monday, and I looked at my shovel situation and it's not good," Barry said.

Worcester and other parts of New England are expected to get their first blast of winter on Sunday afternoon. Kinks in the forecast are still being worked out but at Barrows Hardware where they've been helping central Massachusetts prepare for bad weather since 1914, the store is fully stocked.

"The weather dictates and changes minute by minute," Tom O'Connell said. "So we've had all of our stock and everything ready since the second, third week of September."

The storm is expected to mark the first "plowable event" of the season for Worcester. The state's second largest city gets a lot of snow, so they've become well versed in the region's winter weather.

"We noticed a trend in the last 10 years," Matthew Labovites with Worcester DPW said. "We're getting much more freezing precipitation mixed in with the snow and those are much more difficult storms to fight"

At Barrows, concerns about the messy mix prompted Junior Cortez to get a supply of ice melt.

"Maybe big. Too much snow, yeah. Preparing for the salt, my house, everything," he said.

Worcester residents didn't have any predictions for the winter when asked. They're savvy enough to know that's an impossible question to answer. 

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