Some of the Best Buffalo Wings in the Country Are Right Here in New England

You don’t have to travel very far to get some of the country’s best Buffalo wings.

Three of the top 25 wings are right here in New England, according to The Daily Meal, a national food website.

Gritty McDuff's, with brew pubs in Portland, Freeport and Auburn, Maine, came in at No. 10 on The Daily Meal's "America's 25 Best Buffalo Wings" list. The food website says the wings are available in a handful of sauces and dry rubs "but these guys know that you don't need to rely on crazy sauces to let the wings shine."

Delaney's Hole in the Wall in North Conway, New Hampshire, sits at No. 5. The Daily Meal said its wings are "Crispy and tossed in a perfectly balanced sauce," and have consistently been rated among New England's best.

The highest ranked New England location is J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville, Connecticut, at No. 2. The restaurant serves more than 200 tons of wings per year, and invented the so-called "Dirt Style" wing, where the sauce is added before and after the wings are fried.

Upstate New York’s Duff’s Famous Wings ranks as the best in the nation. Even former President Barack Obama has paid this eatery a visit.

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