Song Remains the Same

Temperatures have really disappointed over the last few days thanks to the onshore wind. Only saving grace has been the occasional bouts of sun - helping to at least bump us into the 50s areawide.

Next two days are a carbon copy of today: some bright moments, tons of clouds, and a very tiny chance at a passing shower.

Oh yeah, and the cool temps. That's a mainstay when the wind keeps blowing from the ocean.

There's a storm brewing too. And yes, it will come in for the weekend...Mother's Day to be exact. While a windswept rain is the last thing you want on the weekend (if you have it off), this may actually be one storm you want to root for.

With the pattern in a funk, there's not much to inspire weather systems to move along in the jet stream. End result is the weather we've seen over the last week: cool, cloudy, with a passing shower.

Now along comes a developing storm with a host of wind and rain. It deepens significantly as it moves by and continues on its merry way to shake things up in the jet stream and finally get weather systems to move. Once that happens, the warm air will start flowing into New England early as the middle of next week.

Not a bad trade-off for a windy, wet weekend, eh? Ahem...well, almost. Sorry, Ma.

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