Stolen Backhoe Damages Multiple Vehicles in Cambridge

Police are searching for the suspect who stole a backhoe and damaged multiple vehicles in Cambridge, Massachusetts early Tuesday morning.

Officers first responded to the area of Richdale and Hubbard avenues at about 4:30 a.m. where five vehicles had been hit.

The wild ride had both residents and police puzzled.

"Just kind of ironic that someone takes a backhoe on a joyride," said Tammy Trello. "My mirrors broken so I'm taping it."

"The backhoe was going straight and then all of a sudden lost control, made a half spin and hit my brother's car," said resident Portia Battle.

The vehicles had to be towed from the scene due to the amount of damage they received. No injuries were reported.

Instead of heading to work, Neha Sinha spent the morning on the phone with her insurance company.

"Could have been a lot worse but it was definitely a shocker to wake up to," said Sinha.

Police were able to locate the backhoe dumped a few hours later on Avon Hill Street outside the Graham and Parks School.

"Feel like the right thing came out and lost in that match because there's no way my car could have stood up to that," Sinha said, referring to the backhoe.

The company that owns the equipment is called Barletta. They said it's possible the person who did this had a universal key that works on several types on construction equipment.

No arrests have been made, but police said an investigation into a possible suspect is ongoing.

"People don't have that kind of money to get everything fixed especially this time of year," Trello said. "I'm glad nobody got hurt but it's sad. This is a college town and I'm sure a lot of students are scrambling right now."

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