String of Brookline Burglaries Under Investigation

Police in Brookline, Massachusetts, have increased their patrols around the holidays following a string of burglaries this month.

Just before Christmas, officers were called to Tappan Street, where four homes were broken into in one night.

"We have aggressive patrols. We are out there and hitting all these neighborhoods, especially these homes that are kind of separated," said Brookline Police Lt. Philip Harrington.

In October, another resident of Tappan Street came home to find her house had been ransacked and the wedding rings belonging to her late husband and grandmother had been taken.

"It's pretty tough to take. This had a special inscription inside," Harrington said of the rings. "So, you feel sorry for all the victims."

In total this year, police have received reports for nearly 60 burglaries throughout the city. In 2017, the numbers were similar.

"The idea that burglars can break into your house is upsetting," said longtime resident Nason Snyder.

Since his neighbors' homes were broken into on Tappan Street, Snyder has added lights to the exterior of his property, as well as new locks.

"It's definitely rare," Snyder said of the crime. "But it's upsetting."

While police did make an arrest connected to one of the break-ins in another neighborhood, anyone with information about the other incidents is asked to contact Brookline Police.

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