Climate Study: Boston to Feel Like Baltimore by 2080

NBC Boston

Would you consider moving to Baltimore?

A new climate study released this week says you might not have a choice as the world warms.

In just 60 years, researchers at the University of Maryland say living in Boston and Worcester will feel more like living near Baltimore, Maryland.

This new study says that’s going to be the case for Boston even if we decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the next several decades.

On average, Baltimore’s winters are 7-10 degrees warmer than ours, with summers 7-8 degrees warmer.

The change is even more noticeable for northern New England.

If emissions decrease, Burlington, Vermont will feel more like Northern Indiana by 2080.

If emissions increase it will feel like Taylorville, Illinois, a tiny town between Chicago and St. Louis.

Summer and winter temperatures there are 9-10 degrees warmer than in Vermont.

Curious what your city or town will feel like? Visit the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science website.

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