The Cup is the Canvas at Ogawa Coffee in Boston

This Boston coffee shop trains its baristas to make coffee look as good as it tastes

Sometimes a well-made coffee beverage looks looks so good that you don’t even want to drink it (but you will anyway because caffeine is life.)

Ogawa Coffee in Boston is a coffee shop that specializes in coffee perfection both in taste and presentation. These coffee artisans have been brewing in Kyoto, Japan since 1952 and brought their coffee philosophy to the United States two years ago.

Baristas at Ogawa are trained by some of the best in the business, including 2012 World Latte Art Champion barista Haruna Murayama.

Latte Art Thrives at Ogawa Coffee

Chris Marinuzzi was trained by Murayama and uses that knowledge to make his coffee creations beautiful, and delicious.

It takes more than just artistic talent to make the perfect latte with beautiful art atop it. Latte artists need to pay attention to every detail in the coffee-making process in order to give a customer the full experience.

NBC Boston visited Chris at Ogawa Coffee to see his latte art skills in action and find out what it takes to be a true coffee artist.

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