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Thousands Flock to Brookline for Final Day of US Open

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The beginning of today's U.S. Open started off with rain. As thousands arrived at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass. to see the game, many wore warm layers and rain coats.

But the weather didn't deter many fathers who went to the game with their kids to celebrate Father's Day.

"Watching with my dad and playing golf with my dad, that’s just the best part about today," said Devon Juda, who was at the U.S. Open with his father Mark.

"This was a fathers day gift," said Mark. "So we’re celebrating it, it’s going to be great.” The Judas came all the way from New York to see the final day of the U.S. Open.

Matt Sabory, of North Andover, said he bought tickets for him and his son as a Christmas gift last year.

"We knew this was [happening] a year ago," said Sabory. "As a USGA member, I was able to get tickets for Father's Day. So I figured I would bring my son for Father's Day, this was his Christmas gift.”

Although it was a treat to go to the U.S. Open with his father, that didn't mean Cam Sabory didn't think there could be room for improvement.

"I hope it stops raining because I wore shorts and that wasn’t the best idea," said Cam.

For many golf fans at the game, the weather will be worth it as long as it's a great game.

"I’m hoping to see an exciting finish," said Robbie Haltki, who came all the way from Florida to see the game. "There’s a lot of big names at the top of the leader board and I want to see one of the big names get it done. I want it to be a big exciting finish like last year. That would be really cool.”

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