Truck Tire Crashes Through Plainville Bedroom Window

Diane Hurd was getting ready for her day when it happened.

"It was the loudest smash we heard," Hurd said.

According to Plainville Police, a North Attleboro Public Works truck was returning to town after picking up 10,000 pounds of asphalt when its front passenger tire flew off, bounced, and hit Hurd's bedroom window.

"I never want to hear it again, I'm sure I'll hear it in my sleep because now I don't even want to go in the bedroom."

The impact of the tire smashed Hurd's window, before bouncing away, ending up in her backyard garden.

"It's in my sneakers, I can't wear my sneakers again, It is my yarn, it is my sowing, it knocked my threads off the way, and it knocked pictures off the wall, it's a mess," she said.

North Attleboro's Town Administrator says the town's insurance will pay to fix Hurd's house.

Hurd hopes relief comes soon.

"We got to get the window replaced, it is going to take 3 weeks so help me God if we have any heat or humidity. I'm miserable in good weather," Hurd said with a laugh.

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