Veteran Who Found Lost Marine Corps Ring on Cape Cod Seeks Owner

A Cape Cod veteran has taken to social media to find the person who lost a United States Marines ring.

Rich Sherman of Falmouth, Massachusetts, was leaving a shopping plaza Saturday when he noticed the ring on the ground.

"I saw this sparkling red object," Sherman said. "It looked like it was genuine 14-carat gold, and it looked like it was World War II vintage."

Sherman, who served as lieutenant colonel in the Navy, decided to take to social media to find its owner. He posted a photo of the ring to Facebook, and within 24 hours, it had been shared 2,000 times.

"Having served in the military and put your life on the line every day, it really has tremendous significance to anyone who has served," Sherman explained.

The ring contains two inscriptions, which Sherman has chosen not to disclose in an effort to ensure he finds the rightful owner.

There was an event held for Marines in town on Saturday, not far from the plaza where he discovered the ring on Spring Bars Road. Sherman hopes someone there might recognize it.

"I'm sure with all the Marines in the area, someone is going to help us find this owner," he said. "I'm optimistic."

Sherman has asked anyone with information about the ring to contact him at

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