Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend Now Living With His Relatives in Hingham

Catherine Greig is serving the last year of an eight-year sentence in home confinement for helping Whitey Bulger evade capture for 16 years

Catherine Greig, the longtime companion of James "Whitey" Bulger, is finishing her sentence at a home in Hingham, Massachusetts.

She was spotted by the Boston Globe this week. Her twin sister Margaret McCusker confirms the home belongs to a Bulger family member.

"He said he would always take care of her and his family stepped in," said McCusker.

McCusker says she's seen her sister twice since she was moved from prison back to Massachusetts in June. The most recent instance took place this week.

"She's doing really well," said McCusker. "She looks great. She's a lot thinner than I am. I'm looking forward to spending more time with her."

The Bureau of Prisons told family members of Bulger's victims that Greig would be living in a halfway house on Cape Cod, and could transition to a private home.

Greig and the notorious mob boss had been in hiding for 16 years until they were caught in 2011.

Bulger, 89, was killed in prison last October. Greig was sent to prison. She was convicted of harboring a fugitive and identity fraud.

She also received an additional 21 months for refusing to testify before a grand jury about who may have helped the couple elude law enforcement.

McCusker says her sister has no regrets about vanishing with Bulger for so long.

"No," said McCusker. "She loved him very much. We all did."

Greig is expected to complete her entire sentence in the summer of 2020.

Her sister says they plan to live together South Boston.

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