‘Debby! Duck!' Woman Unscathed When Branch Crashes Through Windshield

Her insurance company called her “The Miracle Lady”

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Debby Clish credits divine intervention for saving her life after a large tree branch crashed through her windshield and totaled her car Wednesday afternoon. 

The East Bridgewater resident was driving on Pearl Street in Brockton, Massachusetts, as storms rolled through the area around 4 o’clock. 

She said she didn’t see the limb fall, but knew to move out of the way. 

“All of a sudden, God’s voice spoke to me. He said, ‘Debby! Duck!’” Clish recalled. 

She escaped without any injuries, noting that her insurance company called her “The Miracle Lady.”

Clish said her biggest concern after getting out of her car was trying to convince a paramedic to let her smoke in the ambulance. 

“By this time, I had the cigarette lit in my hand and he goes to me, ‘You can’t go into the ambulance with a cigarette,’" Clish said. "And I just said, ‘We’ll, they’re just going to have to wait.’”

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