Stolen or Lost in the Chaos? Woman's Tom Brady Jersey Goes Missing During Patriots Championship Parade

Katie Pittsley says she figured someone took her #12 jersey out of her hand to get it to Gronk to sign but it never came back to her

A Massachusetts woman is searching for her prized Tom Brady jersey after it went missing during the New England Patriots championship parade on Tuesday.

Katie Pittsley and her family came up from Taunton, thinking they'd have the time of their lives at the Pats parade in Boston.

“My goal was to see Gronkowski,” Pittsley said. “Gronk is my all-time favorite.”

It was a day to remember.

“I had so much fun,” she said. “My kids were having a blast.”

And she had her prized possession in her hands: a Tom Brady jersey that she’s had since high school.

“I bought that jersey a week before the 2002 Super Bowl that Brady played in,” she said. “I used my waitressing money from Friendly's.”

The family staked out a spot to get that jersey signed as players were getting off duck boats at the end of the parade route.

“I was able to throw my jersey up onto that duck boat and Stephon Gilmore and Devin McCourty both signed it and threw it back,” she said. “I then realized Gronkowski was the next duck boat.”

It was chaotic as Gronk arrived but Pittsley was ready, holding up her hand with the jersey.

“Somebody grabbed it,” she recalled.

At first, Pittsley figured someone took it out of her hand to get it to Gronk.

“Unfortunately mine never came back to me,” she said.

Pittsley and her family looked all over for it, but it was gone.

She’s filled out a police report and hopes someone turns it in.

“I’m hoping no one stole it,” she said. “I’m hoping somebody was trying to do a good thing, help me get a signature, but I don’t know.”

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