‘You Are Loved': Mass. Sisters Lift Seniors' Spirits With Touching Cards

Teenage sisters from Wellesley have created hundreds of cards with encouraging messages for seniors amid the coronavirus crisis

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Nursing homes have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic but two local high school students are trying to lift the spirits of senior citizens, one card at a time.

The cards carry messages of hope and love for those who need it most.

“We felt like we should definitely do something and use the opportunity we have,” said Emily Rourke, a senior at Wellesley High School. “We have a ton of free time and the ability to help in some way.”

Emily and her sister, Lulu, decided to make cards for seniors living at long-term care centers. They feature messages like “Be happy” and “You are loved.” So far, they’ve made hundreds of them.

Families can buy a card for $3 for their loved ones. Proceeds go toward providing meals for front line health care workers.

The sisters got the idea after talking to their great aunt and uncle who are both in nursing homes.

“Every time we talked to them on the phone, they would tell us how much they loved the cards and how much it would brighten their days, so we felt like we should do that for everyone,” Emily said.

A nurse at the Boston Hope field hospital had her new car stolen, with her personal protective equipment inside, from her Dorchester home, but police arrested someone in the theft days later.

They’ve dropped off 150 handmade cards to three different homes with 100 more to go. Elizabeth Seton Residence in Wellesley said they are so grateful for the cards.

“I just can’t even imagine what they do all day by themselves, so we’re just trying to send as many cards,” Lulu said.

“It’s just so rewarding to see,” Emily said.

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