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As Thanksgiving Break Nears, Colleges Are Faced With Student Travel During a Pandemic

Some colleges and universities are urging students to stay on campus instead of going home for the holiday

Boston University's campus
Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg via Getty Images, File

As coronavirus cases around the country continue to rise, some colleges and universities are urging students to remain on campus instead of visiting family for Thanksgiving, while others are asking that those who do travel home consider finishing the semester remotely.

The University of Missouri is one of many schools that are encouraging students to skip family gatherings this year and remain in town, NBC News reports.

The school said they are putting together on-campus activities and will have meals available for those who do choose to stay in Columbia.

A university spokesperson said Wednesday that they are in the process of surveying exactly how many residential students will take their offer.

Boston University is making a similar request of its students and said those who remain on campus will still have access to the residence and dining halls.

"Stay here or stay where you are now rather than going away — even around the corner — for the break. It’s the wise choice," the school's Dean of Students office said in a memo to the campus community.

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