US Capitol Riot

Capitol Riot Suspects Ramped Up Donations to Trump After His Election Defeat

An NBC News analysis of Federal Election Commission filings found that people alleged to be rioters upped their contributions after Election Day

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After President Donald Trump lost re-election, he immediately began asking his supporters for money, a plea that he insisted was necessary to bankroll his fight built on the false claim that the election was stolen through rampant fraud.

James Uptmore, like hundreds of other people, opened his wallet. Weeks later, he was among those who stormed the U.S. Capitol, federal prosecutors say.

An NBC News analysis of campaign finance filings found that in the five weeks after the election, those charged in the Capitol riot increased their political donations by about 75% compared to the five weeks leading up to the election. Many had made very few or no donations at all in previous years, but they began escalating their numbers of contributions as Trump was trying to overturn Joe Biden's victory.

Trump and his aligned groups, including the Republican National Committee, raised $207.5 million in the 19 days after the election.

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