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Is Tom Brady Vegas-Bound? Speculation Continues on QB's Future

Tom Brady runs onto the field at Gillette Stadium
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With Patriots quarterback Tom Brady expected to test the free agent market, his every move in the offseason will be under scrutiny.

The latest was the talk of the "Felger and Mazz" show on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Tuesday.

The show hosts discussed a report that Brady bought a house in Las Vegas.

Gary Tanguay of NBC Sports Boston says Brady's decision will come down to money.

"Well, I think he's leaving," said Tanguay. "Cap-wise, it's impossible for [Bill] Belichick to keep him at the number he wants to keep him at and the number Brady wants to get paid."

"I'm thinking it's going to come down to a coin toss, and a business decision, but as a fan, we'd all love to see him a little longer," said Pats fan Jeff Rudd.

In addition to money, Tanguay says the Pats have to rebuild their offense.

"Brady could go elsewhere to other teams like Tennessee, get paid more and be more competitive," he said.

Adding fuel to the fire that Brady will leave, he was recently seen talking with the owner of the Raiders at a UFC fight.

The Raiders' new stadium is in Vegas, where they will play next season after leaving Oakland, and Tanguay believes Brady and his family are now out of their Brookline home.

"They're in Manhattan right now, that has been reported, and I was told they told their teachers and coaches the kids aren't coming back, so they're out, they're out of Boston right now," Tanguay said.

Brady hasn't officially said where he'll be next season.

The good news for Patriots fans is that gambling odds have Brady staying in New England.

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