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LeBron James Defends Former Teammate Kyrie Irving Amid Scandal

Kyrie Irving's former teammate LeBron James took to Twitter on Thursday to speak about Irving's controversial situation

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It looks like the saga continues on Twitter.

On Thursday, LeBron James took to Twitter again amid the fallout and suspension following Kyrie Irving’s promotion of and later refusal to disavow an antisemitic movie

This time, the Los Angeles Laker decided to defend his former teammate Irving, saying he should be allowed to play. 

James believes the list of things the Nets want him to do is ridiculous, calling it “excessive.”

After last week’s suspension of star point guard Irving, a lot has been happening in the NBA-Twittersphere. 

The controversy began when Irving promoted a movie with antisemitic tropes on Twitter. He later dodged a direct question as to whether or not he holds antisemitic beliefs, which ultimately resulted in a minimum five-game suspension by the Nets along with a list of actions to be completed before he’s eligible to return.

Fellow NBA players, including James and Kevin Durant, took to social media to weigh in on the situation.

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