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Patriots Suspend Videographer Who Filmed Bengals: Report

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The New England Patriots have suspended the videographer who allegedly violated rules by filming the Cincinnati Bengals in Cleveland last week, according to the Boston Globe. 

Dave Mondillo, an employee of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, was suspended by the team last week for filming the Bengals' sideline duing a game in Cleveland on December 8, the Globe said.  

The Patriots earlier said the video crew was working on a documentary about one of the team’s scouts. The NFL prohibits teams from filming opposing teams from sidelines during games. The Patriots claimed the film crew uknowingly violated NFL rules. 

In a statement Sunday, Mondillo emphasized he was only shooting footage for the show "Do Your Job."

“I had no intention to provide footage to football operations, I did not provide any footage, and I was never asked to do so,” he said.

"With permission in hand, we started taping...following the scout’s travel through the weekend to Cleveland and obtained footage of him working in his hotel room and interviewed him about his job. The final element needed to complete the story was to shoot from the press box at Progressive Field to show the audience what his responsibilities are on game day," Mondillo said.

He said that he left to use the restroom, and when he came back, his cameraman was told to stop shooting by an NFL official.


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