Rain, Snow Headed to New England After Sunny Tuesday

A little sunshine early Wednesday fades behind thickening clouds as a front approaches from the west

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It was a cold start this morning with low temperatures in the 20s, but now with full March sunshine, we’re looking at a gorgeous afternoon.

The same high-pressure system that caused the damaging wind yesterday is right overhead today. It’s in the center of these high-pressure systems that the wind is light, and the sinking air is dry with blue sky. As we approach evening, the wind is picking up from the south as the high-pressure system moves out over the water to our south.

The moon comes up a little later tonight, but it should be big and bright for a while, perhaps with a halo forming as clouds increase late tonight. It’ll be frosty again in northern New England with low temperatures near freezing, but warmer in southern New England with lows mostly in the 30s and 40s.

A little sunshine early tomorrow fades behind thickening clouds as a front approaches from the west. Rain showers are likely along and west of the Connecticut River Valley by 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. in the afternoon, and will progress to the north and east by evening.

High temperatures tomorrow will touch 60 degrees in a lot of spots before falling back in the light rain in the afternoon.

Wind from the south may gust past 30 mph.

It’s a cold front that is moving in from the northwest, with low pressure developing on the front we’re going to see rain becoming steady to perhaps moderate tomorrow evening and overnight. There’s a chance of a thunderstorm in southeastern New England.

As the low pressure intensifies over southern New England tomorrow night, colder air will be coming into western New England, with rain changing to snow for Thursday morning.

Much of Vermont, western Massachusetts, and the hills of northwestern Connecticut will have a snowy April Fool’s day sunrise.

In eastern New England it’ll be warmer and wet with gusty wind from the south through late morning.

For the Red Sox home opener at Fenway Park it looks like rain will be ending in the wind and will be coming back in from the northwest with colder air. Temperatures will fall from the 50s into the 40s in eastern New England, and hold in the 30s to low 40s in western New England.

Snowfall accumulations of several inches are possible in the higher elevations in western New England.

As low pressure continues to intensify over Maine late Thursday, the wind will pick up from the north and we will all be rather cold Thursday night and Friday morning.

With the clearing sky, temperatures fall to the teens and 20s north, 20s and 30s south overnight.

Friday looks like a windy and cool day with a mixture of sun and clouds, high temperature in the 30s north and 40s south, wind from the northwest gusting past 30 mph.

High pressure comes overhead Saturday for a nice day, after a frosty start we should get back to 50 degrees or better with plenty of sunshine.

Easter Sunday is rather challenging, a weak frontal boundary over New England with a lot of clouds and a chance of a few raindrops, or even a few snowflakes in the higher elevations.

Sunrise is likely to be dry with the temperature in the 20s and 30s, before the clouds thicken up with a light mix of precipitation; high temperatures should get back to the 40s and lower 50s, even 60s and western Massachusetts and Connecticut where it should be partly sunny.

Next week looks like a warming trend, with some April showers possible, as seen in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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