Cold Valentine's Day With Biting Breeze, Patchy Black Ice

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For parts of northern New England, this is the coldest day or so far this season. It’s not saying much because it’s been so warm this winter. But a few spots near the Canadian border are near zero degrees, and may not go up too much from here.

But we have a warming trend for the weekend. And here's a note about the last two precipitation makers in New England. The low pressure system that was very weak when it went over the region Tuesday is deepening rapidly in the north Atlantic. In addition, Thursday's wet and white weather is also strengthening and headed toward the north Atlantic. The two systems are expected to merge and deepen into one of the most powerful low pressure systems on record in the north Atlantic with the central pressure close to 27.3 inches on the barometer.

It does not mean much for us here now, but it does mean that it’s a very volatile weather pattern pretty much globally. And that’s a reason we keep having to adjust days 5 through 10 on the forecast. But for now, we have high-pressure coming in with this cold air and sunshine.

We should be thankful that there’s not that much wind, just gusting 25 mph Friday with temperatures holding in the teens north and 20s south, with plenty of sunshine.

Under clear sky tonight with light wind and dry air, strong radiational cooling may take some of the lower elevations where we have deep snow on the ground down to about 20 or 25° below zero near the Canadian border Saturday morning. It could be perhaps the coldest morning of winter for northern New England. Even parts of southern New England may have single digits above and below zero for some of the coldest for this winter.

This high-pressure system pushes to the east Saturday afternoon and Sunday allowing for a return flow from the southwest. Clouds will increase Saturday with a high temperature in the teens and 20s once again. We are mostly cloudy Sunday with a few snow showers in the mountains and high temperature in the 30s north to 40s south.

Slightly colder air may come in Monday with a mix of sun and clouds. The next weather system is likely Tuesday with the threat for northern snow, and rain or snow south, with temperatures mostly in the 30s. Keep track of it all here in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast. 

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