Cool Start, Mild Finish to Sunny Weekend

Pleasant Conditions Dominate Both Days

In spite of a chilly start to Saturday morning, brilliant sunshine during the day will warm our temperatures into the 40s and low 50s across New England. Winds will also be much less gusty than what we saw on Veterans Day.

Sunday will be even warmer as winds turn to the west-southwest. Expect highs during the second half of the weekend to reach the 50s and low 60s.

We’ll drop into the 40s for the Patriots-Seahawks game Sunday night.

You’ll also see a beautiful view of the nearly full “Beaver” moon this weekend. The moon gets its name because this is the time of year when hunters historically prepared their beaver traps ahead of the upcoming winter. It’s officially full on Monday morning.

The full moon will also contribute to high astronomical tides this upcoming week. Combine that with an onshore wind Tuesday and we’re likely to see some minor coastal flooding during that time.

We’ll be watching that carefully as we get closer.

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