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Fay Moves Out, But Chance of Storms Remains in New England

The former tropical storm is merging with another front, expanding the wind field, meaning there will be a gusty wind from the south

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While temperatures in Burlington, Vermont, hit the mid 90s for the second day in a row Friday, New England had flooding due to Tropical Storm Fay from Philadelphia to New York City, where 2-5 inches of rain fell in a short time.

For most of New England, Fay was just another round of downpours and thunderstorms. But along the coast of Connecticut we saw a little wind damage and coastal flooding too. Now we have post-Tropical Storm Fay merging with another front that brought severe storms to Michigan and Ohio Friday.

Saturday, the two systems merge. That means the wind field expands and we all have gusty wind from the south. With a front moving in from New York, pop-up storms may be strong to severe this afternoon in northern and western New England.

But for most by mid-morning, southern New England will find breaks of sun emerging and the afternoon looks hot and humid with highs in the 80s to near 90 degrees, wind from the south 20-30 at miles per hour makes for marginal beach weather.

Sunday looks like a hot, mostly storm-free summer day with highs around 90 degrees and a decrease in humidity.  Humidity will attempt a comeback later Monday, which may result in late day storms as a mid-summer pattern rolls on through the end of the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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