Showers Tuesday and Wednesday to Usher in Humidity

Clouds arrive before showers; warmth and humidity follows

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Rapidly increasing and thickening clouds in the New England sky are streaming north from a feed of moisture that originated in the Pacific and gained moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and Tropical Atlantic – a bounty of moisture capable of producing several inches of rain, and over half a foot of rain is in the forecast over the next couple of days in places like North Carolina. 

New England stays north of the substantial rainfall for at least another couple of days, with showers skirting the Cape and Islands Tuesday evening through Wednesday, possibly nudging northwest across Buzzards Bay and into Plymouth and Bristol counties in southeast Massachusetts by later Wednesday afternoon while the rest of New England sees clouds thickening Tuesday and mostly cloudy skies Wednesday, with showers arriving Wednesday evening through eastern Massachusetts and expanding into Maine Wednesday night. 

The return of showers also represents the return of humidity and that change in air will be felt in eastern New England late Wednesday, with more showers and pockets of rain probable Thursday. 

The latest forecast trend has been to speed up Thursday’s disturbance enough to have it gone from most of New England except perhaps central and eastern Maine on Friday, leaving emerging sun, humidity and warm air in its wake. 

It looks like warmth and humidity will continue into the start of the weekend on Saturday, though an area of cooler air associated with a high pressure, or fair weather, dome in Quebec looks like it will push a cold front into New England on Sunday, raising the chance of showers and thunder and likely lowering the temperature. 

At this point, our First Alert team thinks the continuing influence of that nearby cooler air – increased showers and thunder and a pause in warming – will continue Monday before warming resumes Tuesday through Thursday of next week toward the end of our exclusive 10-day forecast, perhaps bringing 90 degree plus temperatures back to New England.

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