Temperatures to Hit 70s by End of Week

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Coolest airmass of the week moved in overnight. Cool start with some 30s this morning. We’ll get the sun to fend off some of the chill, but with the wind gusting near (and over) 20mph at times, it will feel every bit of April this afternoon. Highs still manage to make the mid and upper 50s along the coast, low 50s in Greater Worcester.

Tomorrow begins the warmup with the core of the colder air moving offshore. Winds will be light enough that the sea breeze should kick in by afternoon, but before it does, we’ll manage the low 60s along the coast. Elsewhere, we should rocket up to 70 under full Sun. More warmth is expected for Friday as high leap to summery levels again. We should climb to near 80 degrees away from the coast, but sea breezes right at the water’s edge will keep us in the 60s once again.

There is some optimism for a steady rain in the forecast, but the timing isn’t ideal. Showers will inch across New England on Sunday, allowing a potentially soaking rain to come to the area. This is a narrow band of rain, however, so if it speeds up, there won’t be much water. We’ll track it closely in the coming days as this could be a boon for our ongoing dry spell.

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