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WATCH: Johnny Depp Returns as Captain Jack Sparrow for a Special Fan

Depp has not played Captain Jack Sparrow since the last "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie was released in 2017

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Johnny Depp returned as Captain Jack Sparrow to fulfill a Make-a-Wish request put out by 'Pirates of the Caribbean" super fan Kori, with Sparrow appearing in the "ages of now" to let Kori know he will follow his YouTube channel.

The hilarious video has Sparrow rambling for about a minute on how he is the number 1 fan of Kori's "YouTubing."

"So, what I'm saying is I shall be glad to follow your YouTube channel," Sparrow says in the video. "And I shall tell all my friends to follow your YouTube channel."

Watch the full video here:

In all, Depp has played his iconic treasure-hunting character in five "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, the last appearance being in 2017's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales."

Film producer Jerry Bruckheimer said earlier this week that getting Depp to return to the role for a new movie is slowly making progress.

"We're still working on it. Nothing's definitive yet, but we continue to take little baby steps getting towards a screenplay," Bruckheimer said.

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