Anna Rossi

4 Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen This Summer

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Nothing makes me more excited than bringing something new into the kitchen to up your cooking game, and I have some great new tools and gadgets I’m loving in my own kitchen.

Click and Grow 

Click and Grow is like an indoor garden. No matter where you live, how much space you have or what season it is, you can have vitamin-rich, sustainable, delicious produce available at your fingertips, and you don't even need a green thumb. They have an app that will walk you through every step of the way. It is literally as easy as making your morning cup of coffee. It even comes in a pot just like your favorite brew. You have your seed of choice: like herbs, tomatoes, lettuce. You pop it in, you cover it and a little greenhouse effect gets everything growing. You only need to water your creation every three to four weeks if you really want to take it to the next level. Their LCD lights give you about sixteen hours of ‘sunlight’ a day to rev up growth.

Welli Bins  

I am obsessed with these portable, sustainable, washable Welli Bins. They are new to market and they are awesome, especially if you've been Marie Kondo'ing or home editing. They're made from sugar cane and tree bark. And it's a woman-owned business. They're beautiful and they're so versatile. You can use them for your gym weights and your stinky sneakers because you can just wipe them out with soap and water. But they're also great in the kitchen. I like to keep my oils and vinegars in there, things that would make a mess in my pantry.  Or, make it a wine bucket.  Fill with ice and they go easily from the kitchen to outside. I don't have to worry about anything breaking and they have some really cute color options.

Cork Genius 

Speaking of wine, Mama's got a new church key. Check out Cork Genius. I was given this set as a gift. I love it. No messing around with a corkscrew. It comes with four pieces. Of course, you have the foil opener and then a tech-y pump that uses a sharp pin to puncture through your cork. It uses pressure to pump up and pop out and release your wine cork. It's so easy. And then there is an amazing decanter that will aerate your wine. You don't need to let it breathe. You don't need to store a big decanter somewhere in your cupboard. This is where it's at. And if you don't finish the bottle, a little vacuum sealer keeps it fresh in your wine pantry or fridge until the next time you want to drink. 

Silicone Sphere Ice Cube Trays 

If you're like me and you like your whites chilled or maybe some whiskey on the rocks, look at this Silicone Spherical Ice Mold. It makes the best ice balls and will up your bar cart game.  They're great for chilling down your spritzer, pouring something cold on the rocks, and they're super cool. Very chic.


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