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Give Yourself a Fruity Citrus Makeover

Mix a little pink and peach together to give your lips a little texture

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    Fruity Beauty: Citrus Makeovers

    It’s time for some fruity beauty! Ashley Bellman and Beauty Expert Ashlee Glazer hit the streets to surprise people with some citrus-inspired looks. From peachy undertones to pops of pantone and grapefruit, there is so many ways to rock the summery look. (Published Tuesday, July 30, 2019)

    What better way to make your style more colorful this summer then with citrus-inspired looks. Anything coral, orange, or ruby-red is in!

    Celebrity makeup artist Ashley Glazer has some fruity styles and sweet suggestions just for you:

    1. Add some blush with a soft peach tone. It's a quick and easy way to add a little color to your skin. Then, you can add some lip gloss to play up the trend while still being work-appropriate.
    2. Sparkly coral lip-gloss will give you a creamy, natural look. Coral has undertones of both orange and red, so it goes well with all skin tones.
    3. Orange cheek tint is great to give you some color, just remember to blush it out after applying it. It’ll feel refreshing and light!
    4. Another way to apply cheek tint is to use a blush-highlighter duo, which gives a highlight and blush combination.
    5. Mix a little pink and peach together to give your lips a little texture.