Dustin Wlodkowski

Maine Reporter

Dustin Wlodkowski is NECN and NBC10 Boston’s Maine bureau reporter.

He joined the team in March 2019 after four years as an anchor and reporter at NBC-affiliated NEWS CENTER Maine in Bangor and Portland, Maine.

Originally from Farmington, Connecticut, Dustin began his television career as a reporter for “The 9:05 News”, a weekly television newscast produced each week at Farmington High School. He thanks Evan Foreman, the school's A/V advisor for introducing him to the career he loves.

Dustin's passion for news brought him to Boston’s Emerson College, where he got his journalism degree. While there, he interned for NBC Connecticut, CBS This Morning at the network's Washington bureau and WABC-TV in New York.

He also filled various roles at Emerson-affiliated WEBN-TV Boston, reporting from the 2013 presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. and filing numerous online reports from Boston in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.

Immediately after graduating in late 2014, Dustin moved to Bangor to begin his reporting career and reported from all over northern, eastern and central Maine.

Notable stories he covered there included the month-long search for now-convicted murderer, Robert Burton as well as a special investigative piece looking at the immigration case of Tanya Smith.

Smith, then a Canadian citizen, was prohibited from returning to the U.S. after a visit across the border, when immigration officials found she had violated U.S. residency laws. Smith was stuck in New Brunswick, separated from her husband and two children in Washington County for months until Dustin's story on her aired, prompting former U.S. Representative Bruce Poliquin to look at her case and help her return home to Maine.

In 2015, Dustin moved to NEWS CENTER Maine’s Portland newsroom.

Over his two and a half years there, Dustin filled many roles including Sunday night anchor, general assignment reporter and executive producer for two original series.

One of them, called an innovative cross-platform project called ShipMEOut, documented how Maine wild blueberries are turned into jam then shipped to Iceland on a container vessel to be sold abroad.

When he is not on working or on the high seas, Dustin’s can usually be found, traveling for fun, cooking, playing the piano or spending time with his wonderful family and friends.

Twitter: @DUSTINnbcboston


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