Sonya Curry, Mom of NBA Superstars Steph and Seth Curry, Shows ‘Fierce Love'

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What is it like to raise an NBA superstar? Scratch that! Two NBA superstars and a thriving content creator?

Sonya Curry, mom of Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Seth Curry of the Brooklyn Nets, and YouTuber Sydel Curry, is sharing her parenting journey in her new memoir 'Fierce Love.'

She stopped by 'The Hub Today Presents Mom2Mom' and talked with host Maria Sansone about what it was like raising kids while navigating life as an NBA wife herself and her parenting non-negotiables to make the 'Curry machine' operate.

She also reveals some raw, never-talked-about moments about the family. It will make you appreciate every mom's mission to raise happy and healthy kids.

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