Jose Continues Track Northward

As Hurricane Jose continues to head northward, tropical storm warnings have been issued around southern New England ahead of the storm. Although not expected to make landfall, Jose may cause dangerous surf and rip currents as well as coastal flooding.

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These are the latest numbers on Jose. Still holding its own as a hurricane as it tacks north at nearly 10 mph.
These are the models we use to get an idea where Jose may be heading. All the lines show the path the center of the storm will take through Thursday morning. Note the sharp right turn off Nantucket. This is something we’re watching closely. If it continues, we could see less of an impact from Jose.
These are the zones of low, moderate and high impact.
On the Cape and the Islands, we will see the greatest impact. These items are our greatest concern.
These are the wind gusts during the height of the storm Wednesday morning. Gusts could top 50 mph on the Cape and Islands.
These will be the total rainfall amounts we can expect with the storm… based on the current track. If Jose inches farther east, we could see half as much as this.
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