Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Both Have the Iconic McGold Card—Now's Your Chance to Win One


From the McRib's so-called "farewell tour" to the Happy Meal for grown ups, McDonald's has lately relied on limited-edition promotions to entice customers.

Its latest promotion may be its biggest yet. The fast food giant has announced a contest during its "SZN of Sharing" promotional event where the grand prize is a lifetime supply of McDonald's.

The winner of the contest will receive the iconic McGold Card, which entitles them to two McDonald's meals per week for 50 years — for a grand total of 5,200 meals.

The McGold Card was once reserved for high-profile celebrities, with reported owners including billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates as well as actor Rob Lowe.

The winner will be able to select three friends who will each receive a McGold Card as well, McDonald's says.

"Our fans have been fascinated by the lore of the McGold Card and if it really exists," McDonalds chief marketing officer Tariq Hassan said in a statement. "Now, we'll make this McDonald's legend a reality for our fans by giving them the ultimate holiday gift — a chance to win a card and then share access to it with three of their family or friends."

How to enter the McGold Card sweepstakes

There are two main ways to enter to win the "lifetime" supply of McDonald's.

Customers who have the McDonald's app on their phone and are enrolled in the MyMcDonald's Rewards program will receive an entry to the sweepstakes each time they make a purchase during the duration of the contest, from Dec. 5 to Dec. 25, up to once per day.

To enter the contest without making a purchase, entrants can visit this link starting on Dec. 5 and provide their email address, phone number and date of birth. This can be done once per day for the duration of the contest.

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