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These Massachusetts Cities and Towns Have the Highest Tax Rates for 2020

Boston Business Journal

Residential property tax rates in cities and towns around Massachusetts continued to decline this year as commercial rates edged upward, indicating that more communities are shifting the burden of their municipal budgets onto local businesses.

This year, the median residential tax rate among all 345 communities that had approved new tax rates as of Jan. 3 was $15.27 per $1,000 in assessed value. That’s down from $15.37 in 2019 and $15.57 in 2018.

But on the commercial side, the median rate in 2020 rose to $17.50 from $17.37 last year. That’s still down slightly from $17.54 in 2018, however.

Check out the 20 municipalities with the highest residential tax rates in the state for 2020, the 20 with the highest commercial tax rates, and a searchable database of every city or town that approved new rates in both 2020 and 2019, along with their ranking (out of 345).

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