Boston Police Officer Leaves Hospital After Recovering From Coronavirus

Officer Omar Borges of the Boston Police Department received a hero's welcome after beating COVID-19

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It was never a given -- in fact, it was very much in doubt -- that Boston Police officer Omar Borges would be here, mobbed by his family Friday as he left the hospital.

Borges is heading home after a weekslong battle with COVID-19.

"Oh my goodness, it feels like Christmas, New Year's, all the holidays put together," said Borges' sister, Nilsa Borges-Cruz.

"Twenty-eight days, induced coma, intubated, and quite frankly, we didn't think he was going to make it," Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said.

Outside the hospital, dozens of officers greeted Borges and the medical staff that saved him.

"We were worried about him. He was really sick when he first came in, and we are all just so glad that he is discharged today, and this is just a beautiful day," said Molly Hayes, medical director of the intensive care unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

After weeks in the hospital, Borges wasted little time getting out of there. On the way home, he made a quick stop by the Boston Police headquarters, where officers cheered and waved.

This victory

The victory is compounded by the pain of the loss of officer Jose Fontanez, a 29-year Boston Police veteran who died from complications from coronavirus earlier this month.

"It's been a challenge here for the last couple of weeks and months, as everyone knows," Hayes said.

As the weeks have gone by, there have been far too many lows. But with each recovery, each success, comes a chance to celebrate.

"We got through this through prayer," Borges-Cruz said. "Just prayed, because there is a higher God up there, and he did this."

Seventy-eight Boston Police officers and 13 civilians with the department have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but after Borges' release, none remain in the hospital.

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