Breweries Changing Business Model to Reopen Sooner

Breweries are now partnering with licensed food catering companies so they can open up in Phase 2 instead of waiting for Phase 4.  

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A Norwood, Massachusetts brewery is among some establishments across Massachusetts looking to change their business model to reopen sooner.

Right now bars are set to reopen in Phase 4 of the states plan. But Castle Island Brewing, like other breweries, are now partnering with licensed food catering companies so they can open up in Phase 2 and sell their beer outside. 

“We’re just doing everything we can to try and get open as safely and soonly as possible,” said Derek Hannan the communications manager for Castle Island. 

The Norwood Fire Chief inspected an outdoor dining area Wednesday at Castle Island Brewing.

“We’re looking to partner with a catering company or something that can come in and just kind of take care of the food operations so we can get going again, Hannan said. 

So far about two dozen businesses in Norwood have applied for outside permits.

Fire Chief George Morrice says the town is very much in support of the local businesses.

“We’re trying to get them back open again with the Governors phase 2,” he said. 

Castle Islands once bustling taproom has been closed since March. 

The Mass Restaurant Association is encouraging bars that don’t sell food to get a proper license, apply for a food permit and offer simple food items. 

“That they use a common victualler license, apply for a food permit and then put together a very simple menu. It could be a hot dog machine, it could be some beef stew, some charcuterie and cheese, and offer offer some food products. That will allow them to move into phase 2 and be treated as a restaurant,” said Bob Luz, President and CEO of the association. 

The brewery says their community support has been strong throughout the pandemic including “to go“ beer sales.

Castle Island doesn’t know when they’ll get approval for their outdoor venue, but say the town and state have been very helpful.

Hannan says it will give their customers a safe place to go. 

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