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Health Officials Say People Should Not ‘Shop Around' for Preferred Vaccine

On Massachusetts’ booking website you can pick your vaccination site based off what vaccine they’re offering -- Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

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As more and more COVID vaccines become available, the options are also growing, and it has people considering which vaccine they'd prefer. But health officials, including White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, are rejecting the idea that people “shop around” for their preferred doses.

On Massachusetts’ booking website you can pick your site based off what vaccine they’re offering.

“I think if I had the option I would get Johnson and Johnson, but I would definitely take the first thing I could get,” said mom, Jennifer Wolfe.

Twenty-three-year-old Medway resident Mia Hartl said she would be excited to have any vaccine at this point “because I think anything is better than nothing,” she said.

Right now Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson all have vaccines on the market. Single-dose Johnson & Johnson has been found to be highly effective at preventing severe COVID-19, but it has a lower efficacy rate than both Pfizer and Moderna.

“It was still overall excellent, 85-percent effective in decreasing severe disease,” said Dr. Michael Misialek of Newton Wellesley Hospital about J&J's vaccine.

Misialek said all three offer great protection, and herd immunity is what’s most important.

“All three vaccines are very effective in preventing severe COVID-19 and virtually 100-percent effective in preventing hospitalizations," he said.

While the efficacy rate of Johnson & Johnson's newly-approved coronavirus vaccine is lower than those from Pfizer and Moderna, medical experts say it's just as effective at preventing hospitalization and death.

Tom Freeman got his vaccine Monday in Boston, and he says he took the dose that was made available to him.

“You can’t sit around just waiting for one specific item because you’re putting other people in danger,” said Freeman.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be in Massachusetts next week.

On Monday, Gov. Charlie Baker also reiterated that people should take whatever vaccine they can when they are eligible.

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