Mass. AG Launches Website to Help Front-Line Workers

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey says will help connect workers with such resources as priority testing and emergency child care

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Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has launched a new website meant to be a one-stop-shop of resources for front-line workers during the pandemic.

The website,, helps connect workers with everything from priority testing to emergency child care. It was made in collaboration with HubSpot and IDEO. Healey's office also worked with a number of front-line workers to build the website with the goal of putting everything in one centralized place.

"We wanted anyone from a nurse to a firefighter to be able to go on their phone and, with a click of a link, find access to resources in a really easy, spelled-out way," Healey said.

The website also features a list of restaurants offering discounted meals to workers and housing if they need a place to stay between shifts or to self-isolate. There is also a place for the public to help by donating hotel rooms, meals and protective gear such as masks.

The website also features what is called a "hero wall," where anyone can show their support for the workers with messages and photos.

Healey said it is the least the state can do to say "thank you."

"The public is behind them. We're behind them. We're going to find ways to support them for supporting us and literally risking our lives for all of us," she said.

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