Trick-or-Treating Not Allowed in Worcester With High Risk Level

Worcester officials are prohibiting trick-or-treating this Halloween during the coronavirus pandemic

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City officials in Worcester, Massachusetts, say it's too high-risk in the middle of a pandemic for children to go door-to-door this Halloween.

"We think that this is a dangerous activity given our red zone designation," said Worcester City Manager Ed Augusus at a news conference this week. "And we're asking folks to look for alternative, safer ways to celebrate the Halloween holiday, as opposed to the traditional trick-or-treating activities."

Augustus says too many people are letting their guard down, and large family gatherings are contributing to the uptick in cases in the city.

"Worcester remains a high risk for transmission of COVID-19 virus," said Augustus.

No trick-or-treating is a big disappointment for the Morris family, but they've come up with a new plan.

"I'm still going to dress them up," said Morris. "I'm still going to do some pumpkins, I was just going to throw some candy in the yard and have them go with buckets and pick it up."

While trick-or-treating is canceled in Worcester this season, it's unclear how it will be enforced.

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