16-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out After Being Injured in Worcester Hit-and-Run Crash

A teenage girl is speaking out after being hurt in a hit-and-run pedestrian crash in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Sixteen-year-old Leyshali Rodriguez Sanchez had to have staples in her head after she was hit by a car Wednesday morning at the intersection of Melrose Street and Burncoat Street. She was released from the hospital Thursday night.

"I saw the car coming from the side of my eye, and I don't remember any more," said Rodriguez Sanchez.

The sophomore was walking to Burncoat High School when a person in a black sedan hit her and took off. She was in the crosswalk at the time.

"When I first woke up, I was on the floor and my body was hurting," Rodriguez Sanchez recalled.

The teenager says she feels fortunate to be alive.

She has many bruises and will need another surgery for her broken shoulder.

Worcester Police say the sedan traveled east toward Melrose Street.

"I don't know why they did it, but if they hit me, they should have at least stopped and checked on me," she said. "I feel like that was really messed up."

"You don't leave my daughter and leave her like that," said Lourdes Sanchez, the victim's mother. "She's convulsing. You don't do that."

The family says it has been in touch with police and believes authorities have some clues on the driver.

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