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4 Years After NH Woman's Murder, Family Still Looking for Answers

It has been four years since 62-years-old Denise Robert of Bedford, New Hampshire, was shot and killed on her regular evening walk through a normally-quite Manchester neighborhood.

"We all love her, we all miss her," said the victim's brother, Tom Robert. "They found her lying on the side of the road."

No bullet or bullet casing was found, and the pickup truck some neighbors saw leaving the scene on Ray Street was never located.

"It was my impression that they didn't have much to go on to begin with," Robert said.

Robert and his 10 other siblings haven't given up hope that her killer or killers may one day be brought to justice. But they're pleading with the public to come forward with any information, no matter how small it may seem.

"We're hoping that there's somebody out there that heard something, saw something that night," said Robert, "but also may have heard something after the fact."

That's what Deputy Attorney General Jane Young is hoping, too.

"Over time, people's loyalties may change, people may have different motivations for coming forward," Young said.

She added that the case is still very much active and there is still a $40,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Robert's killer.

"There is a person or there are persons who are aware of this murder and someone may overhear someone discussing it," said Young. "They could come forward. They don't have to have first-hand knowledge to come forward."

"We've got to bring this person to justice," Robert added. "We've got to protect the rest of the community so this won't happen again."

To bring awareness to this case, the Robert family has planned a memorial walk Thursday at 6:30 p.m. starting at the site of Robert's memorial.

Anyone with information is asked to call the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office at 603-271-3658, Manchester Police at 603-668-8711 or the Manchester Crime Tipline at 603-624-4040.

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