92-Year-Old Man Says Vandals Are Targeting Him Because He's a Trump Supporter

Police are investigating acts of vandalism that were allegedly committed against an elderly couple in Sudbury, Massachusetts, over their political beliefs

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Police in Sudbury, Massachusetts, are investigating the harassment of an elderly man in town who says is being targeted because of his political views.

Mitchell Bistany, 92, says someone threw a rock through the back window of his van in his driveway, shattering glass everywhere, and he says it's because he's a Trump supporter.

"It's just maliciousness, and obviously, it's a really stupid individual adult or a foolish young person," Bistany said.

Bistany and his wife, Susan, say that since early August, they've had several of their Trump signs either removed from their yard or damaged.

The couple has been documenting it with police, but the smashed window, they say, brought it to a whole new level.

"We take it very seriously and wonder what else will they do," said Susan Bistany. "And so it's giving us a feeling of being unsafe in this wonderful town."

Police say they're investigating.

"We understand there is a lot of emotion regarding opinions and beliefs," the Sudbury Police Department said in a statement. "The use of fear, violence, and harassment on a fellow community member is unacceptable."

"Just because I'm a Trump supporter doesn't mean anyone can come in here do bodily harm to my property, or to me or my wife or whatever," Mitchell Bistany said.

He has now put the sign on a high wire in his front yard so it's less reachable, and he has a message for the person who is harassing him.

"Smarten up and think of what you're doing," he said. "Would you want this to happen to your mother? Your father? Or to you? Of course not, so treat other people as you would treat yourself."

Sudbury Police are asking for the person to turn themselves in.

"If this was you, our intention is to avoid criminal prosecution and instead focus on restorative justice for those responsible," the department said. "We prefer to make this a learning opportunity, but if these crimes are to continue (especially against a protected class of victim), we will need to re-evaluate whether additional and more serious charges apply."

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