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NBC Boston Responds: Norwegian Airlines Flight Fiasco

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    Airline Promises Compensation, Fails to Deliver

    What was supposed to be a simple flight from Norway to Providence, Rhode Island, turned into much more than one family bargained and budgeted for.

    (Published Monday, Nov. 27, 2017)

    Scott Bell’s family enjoyed a July vacation in Norway, all the way up until the return flight.

    “We got to the airport well ahead of schedule. We were informed that the trip was canceled,” said Bell.

    Norwegian Airlines couldn’t get them back to TF Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island for a couple of days, so they offered up another option.

    “We worked out a deal. We said what can we do? She said if you can get home from New York City, JFK, we can get you home tomorrow. That would require us flying to Oslo, Norway, connecting and going to Stockholm, Sweden,” explained Bell.

    So, the next day, the family flew from Stockholm to New York, rented a car, drove to Providence to pick up their car at the airport there and then drove home to New Hampshire. It was an exhausting trip and a major inconvenience, but the airline promised compensation.

    “The woman at the counter said don’t worry, we can take care of all your expenses, all your food, your hotels, any receipts you have… we’ll reimburse you. You’ll be entitled to this right of care act that they have, basically meaning if they cancel your flight, you’re going to be eligible for some money for your inconvenience,” said Bell.

    Bell filed a claim online, submitted his receipts and waited. After the 4-6 weeks they said it would take to process the claim had passed, he called the airline several times, but couldn’t get an update on his refund.

    “I went to their Facebook page and said I’m having some trouble. They said yep, yep we’re running behind. Someone will get back with you. Went on Twitter, went on Instagram, different posts, like hey I’m still waiting,” said Bell.

    Frustrated, Bell contacted NBC Boston Responds for help.

    “Surprisingly enough, after a couple of emails back and forth from NBC, I received an email from Norwegian that they had found my file. It had been misplaced by accident and that they would get me my money within two to three weeks and about two to three weeks later the money finally showed up - $3,036.58,” said Bell.

    A Norwegian spokeswoman told NBC Boston: “Norwegian is committed to delivering a high quality, low-cost experience…however, we also recognize that things can go wrong. In those instances, we…strive to resolved them at the first point of contact. At times, further escalation is required, …as we thoroughly and accurately complete a fair handling process according to EU regulations.”

    “I really believe if I didn’t get involved and have you folks speak for me and go to bat for me I’d probably still be waiting,” said Bell.

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